Review: Thor Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok

I am so excited for Thor: Ragnarok I just can’t tell you. I enjoyed the first two Thor movies but both were very Earth-centric and that’s not what Thor is about. He’s a cosmic hero. He should be saving the universe, not the world. I’m hopeful that this movie will give us that. Also Chris Hemsworth has a real comic talent (did you see him in Ghostbusters?) and it looks like this film is taking advantage of that.

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My pull list – 2 August 2017

My Pull List - 2 August 2017

I have just one comic this week: Marvel’s Champions, and its one I approached with some trepidation because so far Champions has been everything I love about superheroes, but this one is a tie-in with their big summer event Secret Empire, in which I have little interest.

Honestly, I’m not sure whether this is the best pointless tie-in I’ve ever read, or the most cynical in its determination to tug on the heartstrings. But I do think Marvel could do worse than use this as a masterclass in how to do it right.

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Review: Spiderman: Homecoming

Spider-Man Homecoming

Lots of people dislike Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider Man movies. But while I agree that the second one was a hot mess, the first was wonderful. When people argue against it, the main issue seems to be that the origin story wasn’t necessary. I agree, but that shouldn’t detract from the fact that it’s wonderful. Pretend the Toby McGuire movies never happened and watch Amazing Spider Man. It’s awesome.

So this is what I bring to Spiderman: Homecoming. First, I really dislike Tony Stark. Marvel let him take over what should have been Captain America 3 just so they could one-up DC and now they stuffed him into their Spidey film, like Marvel’s most popular superhero needs propping up. I mean, WTH, Feige?
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