My Pull-List – 12 July 2017

My Pull List - 12 July 2017

Four new issues on my list this week, plus the collected She-Hulk: Deconstructed which I will post about separately.

Wonder Woman #26 – Heart of the Amazon (Part 1)

New creative team, new story! There were elements of Greg Rucka’s Rebirth stories that I really disliked, but overall it was a strong opening for Wonder Woman’s new world. It “reset” her origin in a way that established a fresh set of ground rules without negating her 75-year history and it did a great job of re-establishing who she is in all her (occasionally cheesy) glory. Heart of the Amazon begins her next journey and scales the focus right down to the personal, human and intimate. Continue reading “My Pull-List – 12 July 2017”