Best ‘moments’ in superhero movies

Captain America

Movies are a whole experience: two hours I can spend living in someone else’s world, caring about fictional people with problems I’ll never have. And the quality of a movie depends on that whole But sometimes there’s a short moment that stands out from the rest, a moment I will remember long after the credits have rolled.

That happens in the comic book movies more often than the regular kind. So here’s my list – not quite a top 10 – of my favourite “moments” in superhero movies.

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Review: Everything, Everything

Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson in Everything, Everything

End of act one, overprotective Mom fires the nurse who dared to let sick daughter, Maddy, and her boyfriend be in the same room together. The new nurse is unfriendly and strict, and leaves little notes for her charge because she thinks that’s the best way to communicate with a teenager. She signs them “Nurse Janet”. Maddy takes a marker, crosses out “Janet” and writes “Rached”.

I was the only person in the theatre who got the joke. Man, I feel old!

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