So, here’s how it was. I was feeling like crap, popped some heavy-duty painkillers and took myself to bed. Unable to relax enough to sleep I turned to Netflix. After offering up its usual choices to me: heavy on action/SF movies and TV shows I already own on DVD, something miraculous happened. Netflix recommended to me a show I would never normally have watched, but which seemed perfect in my current state.

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Review: The Post

The parallels between the story of the Pentagon Papers and the current political climate in the USA are almost too obvious. It’s no secret that this movie is, in effect, Spielberg’s statement on that. I didn’t want another film to make me angry this week. Also I have a real dislike of true-life movies where everyone already knows the ending (Titanic – spoiler: the ship sank! And in this case, it’s one of the most famous First Amendment victories in history. Even this ignorant Brit knows it.) But Spielberg rarely puts out bad movies and his cast here is worth the price on its own.

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