New Comics – 24 January 2018

The Doomsday Clock is still ticking; the Batmen are still falling and Wonder Woman still has terrible writers.

Detective Comics #973: Fall of the Batmen (Part 5)

Detective Comics #973

Clayface’s rampage continues to its tragic conclusion in this issue of Detective Comics. In a brief flashback, we learn a little more about how Batman and Red Robin put the team together, including the decision to recruit Clayface.

In the present, Orphan’s sweet connection with the tortured Basil is once again in the forefront as she races to catch up with him carrying the drug that might save him. Batwing and Azrael join the battle with the batsuit-bots that I’m sure are not an Iron Man rip off.

Meanwhile Anarky finally figures out that the First Victim is not on the side of the angels and chooses his side – too late. Batwoman has the weapon that can kill Clayface and though Batman orders her not to use it she has little option. I see a big bat vs bat fight coming…

Doomsday Clock #3

Doomsday Clock #3

I don’t quite follow everything, in this story but I’m loving the parts I do get. Veidt went looking for Lex Luther but instead found a very much alive Comedian. He tries to church Veidt through a window but is stymied by bullet proof glass. Rorschach, meanwhile, has made contact with Batman.

In the previous issue, when Rorschach discovered the Batcave he thought Bruce Wayne must be a psycho; when they actually meet it’s a bit more cordial. I guess it helps that he meets Batman rather than Bruce. He tries to explain why he’s there but can’t find the words, so he hands over the original Rorschach’s journal instead. Batman reads it…and then there’s a twist I didn’t see coming, though in retrospect it’s exactly what Batman would do.

Wonder Woman #39: Swan’s Song (Part 2)

Most of this one is taken up with Wonder Woman battling Silver Swan, which takes a while because Diana doesn’t really want to hurt her former friend. Meanwhile Darkseid and Grail are up to no good in the jungle and Steve Trevor just happens to be guarding the artefact Darkseid wants.

One good thing though: Silver Swan sliced Jason’s throat during the battle. Let’s hope he’s dead and gone.