Review: Everything, Everything

End of act one, overprotective Mom fires the nurse who dared to let sick daughter, Maddy, and her boyfriend be in the same room together. The new nurse is unfriendly and strict, and leaves little notes for her charge because she thinks that’s the best way to communicate with a teenager. She signs them “Nurse Janet”. Maddy takes a marker, crosses out “Janet” and writes “Rached”.

I was the only person in the theatre who got the joke. Man, I feel old!

I like to put the trailers in my reviews. But this is one of those where pretty much the entire plot is in the trailer. So I’m including it…but you have been warned đŸ˜‡

Okay, so Everything, Everything is saccharine teen romance  destined to end up as one of those movies channels use to stuff the weekday afternoon schedules. It’s not really anything special, but it’s also largely inoffensive, optimistic and features a lovely performance from Amandla Stenberg who deserves much more meaty roles than this. Somebody cast her as Batgirl or something! She’ll be awesome.

She plays Maddy, an 18 year old with an immune disorder that confines her to the specially adapted house she lives in. When a new family moves in to the house next door, she falls in love with boy-next-door Olly, despite the thing where they can never really meet or touch. Except, of course, they do break the rules. With predictable results. What – you think teens obeying parents would be realistic?

I think the real problem is the film tries too hard to be inoffensive. It ends up bland. Maddy is amazingly sane, considering her circumstances and Olly is a teen fantasy boyfriend who does stuff no real 18 year old boy does. Like flirting by way of cake. Like filling her window with pictures of the ocean because she’s never seen it. Like catching her in a bathing suit and not being a guy about it.

There is a rather neat twist toward the end. It’s not entirely unexpected but it does save the film from being a total waste.

Not worth the price of a movie ticket, but at least worth a look when it hits TV/streaming if you enjoy a romance.